2017 MATCH PLAY CHampion Competition

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2017 Creston Golf Course Match Play Championship Final Results

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2017 Creston Golf Course Match Play Championship Line-up 

2017 Match Play Draw Data

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For 2017 the Men's League Committee has determined the following rules for match play.

  • Sign-up at the Pro Shop no later than 17 May 2017 (1st Scramble Night)
  • Entry Fee $20
  • There will be one flight for all match play participants
  • All matches will use 100% of current handicap at the time of the match
  • There will be NO qualifying round 
  • There will be NO consolation round (single loss knock-out)
  • There will be no ties after 18 holes.  If a tie exists after 18 holes, competitors will continue playing starting from the 1st hole played at the beginning of the match.  The first competitor to win a hole wins the match (sudden death format). 
  • There may be bye's determined by the schedule
  • There will be stringent completion dates.  If players do not complete matches by closing time of the set completion date, the winner of a match will be determined by a coin toss performed by Men's League Committee representatives. Exceptional circumstances will be considered.
  • Seeding process will be set by drawing from a hat (Men's League Committee to conduct draw)
  • Winner receives a jacket and $250 Pro Shop Credits
  • There will be additional pay-outs (amount TBD by number of participants) 
  • All participants to provide their phone numbers so players can contact each other to set up their matches.
  • RCGA match play rules apply.  The Men's League Committee will be the authority in assessing any disputes.


Match Completion Dates

Round 1 Matches: June 18th

Round 2 Matches: July 9th

Round 3 Matches: July 30th

Round 4 Matches: Aug 13th

Finalist Round: Aug 27th

2016 Format and Results